How to find Freeware; It’s Possible and Legal

For those who don’t have enough cash to purchase commercial software, freeware is an effective solution. It all starts from an idea of creating a program that can be used by anyone without spending a dime. The program is always free and anyone can use it just like a public property. Note that freeware has a General Public License (GPL), a license that protects any free program. But you can still share freeware without the fear of anyone pressing charges against you.

The availability of GPL makes freeware legal because GPL isn’t available for pirated or illegal programs. Besides, programs or files made using freeware are also restricted to commercial use.

However, GPL has limitations too. It doesn’t offer any warranty protection to the freeware users from misfits caused by the freeware. That means you can’t sue the freeware developer in case the program damages your computer or fails.

Most freeware are created by a team of programmers working together to write codes and compile them together to create a single program. In some cases, the freeware users can also modify some codes and this is a special feature found in freeware only.

Finding a good freeware

Here is how you can find genuine freeware.

Check the official developer’s website

This is the most convenient way of finding genuine freeware. Using freeware downloaded from the developer’s site offers more guarantee than using a copy freeware. At least, the version from the developer’s site has been checked for bugs while the copy version may not have been checked for bugs and may contain harmful scripts.

Read reviews about the freeware

Using a freeware that has a great reputation is safe. Review different reviews about the software before downloading it. Pay special attention to some reviews that are meant to convince people to download and use the program. Just focus on getting genuine reviews that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Always use the latest version

Using the latest version of the freeware means that you won’t have to battle with the bugs associated with the previous version. Thus, consider checking the latest updates of the freeware and you will have easy time using the program.

While most people don’t like freeware, it’s possible to find safe and efficient freeware. All you need to do is learn how to find and where to find safe, legal, and efficient freeware.