The Pharmacist Designing Freeware to Boost Business

Freeware makes for a very good way for people to promote their business. If you can create something useful, and are able to distribute it, it makes a great way to give your business coverage. What’s more is that, in giving people something of value for nothing, you are tapping into an effective marketing tool. Once you have given them something, they are generally much happier to become a customer of yours. One pharmacist has been doing just this by creating freeware of his own.


An Old Passion

Steven, who runs Medicinesbymailbox, has long had a passion for computer programming. “I’ve being coding since I can remember”, said Steven. “It’s always been a passion of mine”. “I got into the online pharmacy business as I saw an opportunity there, but I never lost my other passion”, he added. “I saw an opportunity to combine the two, and it has worked out well for me so far”, he continued.

Wide Distribution

“One of the greatest advantage of distributing freeware is that you can get such a wide distribution”, he said. “This allows me to spread the word far and wide about my pharmacy, and it has been great for business”. “I have seen orders come in from all over the country, and have even had some inquiries from overseas”, he added. “I’ve only released one piece of software so far and the response has been excellent”, he said. “I hope to release more at some point in the near future”, he concluded.